Salt Glow Massage

A new and refreshing therapy for a clean, young and glowing look, salt glow massage will polish away dull, dry skin and render the roughest areas silky smooth. At the same time, the skin is nourished and your body is detoxified. This invigorating full body exfoliation leaves your skin soft, supple and radiant.
The use of salts will exfoliate dead skin cells, detoxify, cleanse, hydrate & improve the tones & firmness of the skin, leaving it smooth & silky. It stimulates circulation and removes dead skin cells that block pores and dull the skin, thereby improving the health of the skin.

How is Salt Glow Massage Performed?

Salt Glow Massage is a two step process that begins by focusing on the skin. First, a warm oil and salt mixture is applied gently all over the body to exfoliate the skin. After the salt is removed with warm moist towels, the relaxation massage with aromatic oils begins. By the end of the massage your skin feels supple and radiant.

Benefits of this treatment:

   1. Exfoliates dead cells to stimulate new cell reproductions & restore the natural mineral level of the skin.
   2. Enhances firmer skin tone & hydrates, to improve the skin’s elasticity & to minimize wrinkles & signs of aging.
   3. Replenishes the skin’s minerals, a key factor for normal skin metabolism & healthy glowing appearance.
   4. The improved blood circulation assists in the cellulite breakdown & an overall healthy improvement in the skin’s texture.
5. Very effective on sun tanned skins.

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