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I had high blood sugar in Jan '08 even with insulin and tablets it did not benefit. But 21 days at Nirmayee has reduced my blood sugar through fasting from 220 to 95.
My insulin dose has reduced by 30 units. After one year (Feb '09) my sugar is still maintained at 100. - Vandana Shrinivasan

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I weighed 147kg in Aug '09 and was recommended to go in for a gastric bypass surgery. I was hesitant about it and was advised to go to Jindal, Bangalore. As i weighed above 120kg they did not admit me. They then mentioned Nirmayee, which was set up by Dr. Rao who was in Jindal for 18 years. I came to Nirmayee and lost 24kg by natural means. Truly Fantastic -
Amarjeet Singh Chhabra

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